The app uses diverent sensors to detect a crash. If one of these sensors is missing in your smartphone, Google doesn’t show you the app in PlayStore.
Alternativly you can try installing it from this site: Download BikerSOS App

For sending an emergency message by SMS the Android App does NOT need an internet connection. The iOS (iPhone) App needs an active internet connection because we can’t send an automatic message because of restrictions of Apple Inc.
For the live tracking feature both apps need an internet connection.

No. BikerSOS can differentiate normal driving from a real crash. But in case it happens though, you still have 30 seconds to stop the alarm.

Such situations should not be a problem for BikerSOS and so no alarm should be set off.

Only persons you have shared the tracking link with. This is link is available unitl you stop BikerSOS.

As soon as your speed decreases or you lost the GPS signal, your sensordata will be processed.
If a strange behaviour is monitored, the alarm will raise. We try to recognize if you are unconscious or not.
If you move, we assume you are conscious and cancel the alarm immediatelly.
You can cancel the alarm manually, but if you do not, the emergency sms will be sent.

The battery drain on a Google Nexus 5, after a 1,5h trip, is approximatelly 12%.
Battery drain is up to different things e.g. battery state at start, surrounding temperature, opened Apps
Therefore we cannot provide an exact value for each device.

Yes, on Android an active cellular signal and enough SMS balance is required.
On iOS devices an active internet connection and enough internet balance is required.

The mobile phone has to be worn on the body of the driver.
If the device is mounted on the motorcycle, the accident detection is no longer possible in many scenarios but we are fixing it.


Our basic Version can be used in any country worldwide. You can alert your private emergency contacts via SMS anywhere, if you have an accident. All features like live-tracking, trip and image recording can be used everywhere.

BikerSOS Premium

You can alert the emergency center in the EU, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Great Britain, USA, Canada and Australia.

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