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Motorcycling without worries

Record your trips and capture your best moments with pictures! Use Live-Tour to share your rideout with friends. If it becomes serious, BikerSOS can recognize that you had an accidents and set off an emergency call automatically.

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The motorcycle-app, that can save lives

Our vision is to save lives with BikerSOS!
With our automatic crash detection and emergency alert system, BikerSOS can save your life.

I need help!

BikerSOS automatically detects accidents and set off an emergency alert. In addition, you can inform your family & friends. You can also make an emergency call yourself when you arrive at an accident.


Professional help

Alert an emergency call centre who will professionally support you and send help to the accident’s location. Location and your voluntary health data will be forwarded directly to the emergency call centre


Your health

You have an allergy? Or do you need to take any special medication? In an emergency, this information is very important. BikerSOS transmits these directly to the emergency call centre and the emergency services


Worried family

Your family & friends are worried when you are on the road with the motorcycle alone? Send them a live tracking link, so they can see if you take an extra lap and don’t come home right away.


Happy after your trip

Just explore the area and enjoy the view. But after the tour you often don’t know exactly where the ingenious roads and curves have been. Mark your tour and view it in your portal


Your best moments

Wow, what a view! Photos can be taken quickly, but where were these views and impressions during my tour? BikerSOS shows you where you took your snapshots


The way to your protection

sign in

Sign in to any device, to see your trips, bikes and pictures. You can also restore your account information on a new smartphone

my BikerSOS

download app

Download and install BikerSOS for Android or iOS for free

start your trip

Start BikerSOS before your trip and at the end of your ride you can view additional statistics

How does BikerSOS work?

You can use BikerSOS worldwide!

There are no limits! You can use BikerSOS worldwide and inform your contacts if you have a motorcycle accident, send them live tracking links and share your trip!

The emergency call centre can be alerted in the following regions

🇪🇺 European Union

🇺🇲United States of America



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