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The motorcycle app that can save lives

BikerSOS can detect motorcycle crashes and falls and then send a message to your emergency contacts.

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BikerSOS, your partner on all motorcycle tours

With BikerSOS you have the perfect partner for your next motorcycle tour. Whether you are in the group or alone. BikerSOS gives you an overview of all your tours and helps you in case of emergency.


Let your family and friends know that you are fine!

  • Live-Tour

    Start a live tour and send the link to your family and friends so they can see that everything is alright and you’re still on the move.

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The perfect protection on your motorcycle tour

  • Crash detection

    Start BikerSOS before you start. BikerSOS detects possible accidents while riding a motorcycle and alerts your emergency contacts and the emergency call center (only with premium).

The best possible help in case of emergency

  • Medical Data

    Enter your blood type, allergies, and much more. In case of emergency, the task forces can prepare themselves for you in the best possible way.

  • Emergency Contacts

    Specify who should be alerted and receive an emergency SMS with your medical information and the exact location of the accident.

  • Emergency Services (only with premium)

    BikerSOS Premium additionally alerts an emergency call center. They call you back and sends if necessary, or if you do not report, the forces to the scene.

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All your trips at a glance

  • Tour-Statistics

    BikerSOS summarizes your driven tours on your smartphone clearly arranged.

  • BikerSOS on your computer

    Watch your driven tours comfortably at home on your computer.

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