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BikerSOS-Premium provides many benefits

In case of an accident, its very important, that emergency forces are alerted as fast as possible and they arrive at the exact accident location. Either the crashed motorcyclist or his/her emergency contacts who are notified by BikerSOS set of an emergency alert. They can pass on the emergency-SMS which contains all necessary information about the location and the driver.

BikerSOS emergency call

  • Emergency center

    24/7 emergency center, which accepts your emergencies, calls back and alerts emergency forces.

  • Worldwide emergency alert

    Alert in the EU, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, USA, Canada and Australia.

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More private emergency-contacts are better

  • Unlimited emergency-contacts

    Automatically send your position and your provided medical data to all your emergency-contacts in case of an accident.

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Take a look on your trips cozily at home

  • Trips on your computer

    Use full package of and think back to your best memories. Detailed view of your trip, your pictures, GPX export etc.

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How much is BikerSOS-Premium?


  • perfect for a longer motorcycle trip


  • Without worries through the year


$79992 years
  • For your long-term motorcycle adventures

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