Motorcycle crash detection

BikerSOS automatic motorcycle accident detection is the solution to give you and your loved ones a better and safer feeling when traveling with your motorcycle. But how does it work?


When do I activate accident detection?

Before you get on your bike and start your trip, you need to open BikerSOS on your smartphone and start a tour.

Then you can continue to use your phone as normal. It is best if you carry the phone with you on the body.

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How is an accident recognized?

As long as a tour is running with BikerSOS, the sensors (rotation, acceleration, GPS, …) of your mobile phone are checked. With the help of this data, your journey is analyzed and a possible accident detected.


What happens if an accident was detected?

If BikerSOS detects an accident while driving, a countdown will automatically start and a loud beep will sound.

The duration of the countdown is set to 30 seconds by default, but can be increased to 120 seconds. Only after the countdown has expired the actual alerting will be started.


How can an alarm be canceled?

There are several ways to cancel an alarm:

  • Manually
    Press the “Cancel” button.

  • Movement
    BikerSOS automatically detects that you are on your feet again.

  • Distance
    In case of a false alarm while driving, it will be automatically canceled if you continue driving.

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