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Motociclismo sin preocupaciones

disponible para Android y iOS
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Una aplicación puede salvar vidas

Detección de Accidentes

La aplicación puede detectar accidentes de motos y realizar mensajes de emergencia.

contacto de emergencia

Choose who from your contacts will be alerted and receives an emergency message with your provided medical data and the accident location

Centro de emergencia

BikerSOS premium additionally alerts an emergency center. They will call you and send emergency forces to you if you need them

Datos médicos

Proporcione sus datos médicos. Los servicios de emergencia estarán preparados para usted


No más preocupaciones para su esposa / esposo, padres, hijos o amigos. Mostrarles donde realmente se conduce con su motocicleta

Estadisticas de tours

Trip-estadística para todos los viajes de su motocicleta con un mapa interactivo que incluye su ruta

Why BikerSOS?

  • Your beloved ones have worries
  • Emergency forces may be not called or too late
  • Crashed solo riders may be undiscovered
  • Your medical data is important for emergency forces
  • You are not always familiar with the location where you ride
  • Linguistic barriers can make your rescue difficult
  • You wanna know where you have been after your ride
  • Fast and professional help in case of an emergency
  • Increased chances to be discovered for crashed solo riders
  • Certainty for your beloved ones
  • Very good preparation for emergency forces
  • Choose your emergency contacts
  • More fun with motorcycling for all

How does BikerSOS work?

  • Start BikerSOS before you start your ride
  • Put your phone in your pocket and enjoy the ride
  • In case of an accident the app starts an alarm countdown
  • After the countdown, the app set of an emergency call to your contacts and to an emergency center with BikerSOS Premium
  • Your emergency contacts receive a message with the location and all data you have provided

Motociclismo sin preocupaciones!

  • You are an avid motorcyclist and love to drive alone or just enjoy the trip?
  • Your wife / husband or your children are worried, when you ride alone with your motorcycle?
  • They would love watching you where you actually ride?
Usted tiene una pareja, amigos o padres que están preocupados si usted conduzca la moto solo? BikerSOS es perfecto para darles más seguridad. Usted puede enviar el enlace de tracking antes de salir, así sus recibientes pueden ver dónde está durante su tour. La app supervisa las sensores del teléfono durante usted conduzca. Cuando detecta un accidente automáticamente se inicia una alarma. Si usted no lo pare la alarma en 30 segundos se envía una mensaje de emergencia a su contacto de emergencia. Este mensaje contiene todas las informaciones sobre usted y del lugar de accidente.

  • Compartir un seguimiento en conexión en directo con tus amigos
  • Sigue excursiones en moto viven
  • No más preocupaciones para su esposa / esposo, padres, hijos o amigos
  • Sensación de confort para todos los conductores de motocicletas

Manage your motorcycle trips

Cada quien conoce la situación después de un tour en moto, cuando quiere saber más del ultimo tour.Ahora usted puede ver fácilmente la velocidad máxima, los kilómetros recorrido, el desnivel y mucho más.

  • Save your driven trips
  • See after your ride, where you have been
  • Never forget a great route again!
  • Collect all important statistics about your trips

BikerSOS Premium

In the case of an accident, it is very important that emergency forces are alerted quickly and are at the exact place of the accident as soon as possible. Either the injured motorcyclist himself sends an emergency call or your emergency contacts, which have been alerted by BikerSOS, pass on the emergency SMS containing the accident location and the medical data of the driver.

Problems during an emergency alert

  • The emergency message remains unread or is not delivered
  • Private emergency contacts are not available around the clock
  • Stress situations for untrained emergency contacts
  • Wrong evaluation of emergency situations
  • Linguistic barriers in foreign countries
Advantages of BikerSOS Premium
  • Direct alert of an emergency center
  • The alarm is acknowledged immediately
  • Trained personal for emergency situations
  • Available around the clock
  • Emergency alert for trips abroad

How does BikerSOS Premium act?

  • With BikerSOS Premium, you can set as many emergency contacts as you need and the emergency call center will be alerted too
  • The emergency call center receives the emergency call and tries to call you back
  • If you need help, or if you do not answer, emergency forces in the EU, USA, Canada and Australia will be alerted

How much does BikerSOS Premium cost?

You can unlock BikerSOS Premium at any time within the app in the settings and you can choose between the following options







Give away BikerSOS Premium

and become a guardian angel yourself

You can give BikerSOS Premium now for 1 year to your loved ones!
After the purchase, we will immediately send a voucher as a PDF document to the given e-mail address.
With the code on this voucher you can activate BikerSOS Premium for 1 year in the app

* iOS users must temporarily send us the activation code and their email address by e-mail to activate it.

  • 1 year BikerSOS Premium
  • Valid from the activation date
  • The perfect present
  • ONLY 29,90 $ a year
Download application
activate code in the application settings
Confirm your mobile number and unlock BikerSOS Premium

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BikerSOS en acción

Preguntas más frecuentes

  • The app uses diverent sensors to detect a crash. If one of these sensors is missing in your smartphone, Google doesn't show you the app in PlayStore.
    Alternativly you can try installing it from this site: dl.bikersos.at
  • For sending an emergency message by SMS the Android App does NOT need an internet connection. The iOS (iPhone) App needs an active internet connection because we can't send an automatic message because of restrictions of Apple Inc.
    For the live tracking feature both apps needs an internet connection.
  • No. BikerSOS can differentiate normal driving from a real crash. But in case it happens though, you still have 30 seconds to stop the alarm.
  • Such situations should not be a problem for BikerSOS and so no alarm should be set off.
  • Only persons you have shared the tracking link with. This is link is available unitl you stop BikerSOS.
  • You can find a list of all supported Android Smartphones here Supported devices
  • As soon as your speed decreases or you lost the GPS signal, your sensordata will be processed.
    If a strange behaviour is monitored, the alarm will raise.We try to recognize if you are unconscious or not.
    If you move, we assume you are conscious and cancel the alarm immediatelly.
    You can cancel the alarm manually, but if you do not, the emergency sms will be sent.
  • The battery drain on a Google Nexus 5, after a 1,5h trip, is approximatelly 12%.
    Battery drain is up to different things e.g. battery state at start, surrounding temperature, opened Apps
    Therefore we cannot provide an exact value for each device.
  • Yes, on Android an active cellular signal and enough SMS balance is required.
    On iOS devices an active internet connection and enough internet balance is required.
  • The mobile phone has to be worn on the body of the driver.
    If the device is mounted on the motorcycle, the accident detection is no longer possible in many scenarios but we are fixing it.
Try BikerSOS now

and take your guardian angel with you everywhere

BikerSOS is supposed to be your companion on all your motorcycle trips and help you in case of emergency so that your private emergency contacts and the emergency forces know earlier if something has happened to you.
With BikerSOS, they know immediately where you have had an accident and can drive directly to the accidents location, without losing time searching the route or navigating.
In addition, all medical information you provided, such as bloodgroup, medication or allergies, will be provided and displayed.
In the case of an emergency, the emergency forces can thus prepare optimally for you, because every second counts!

Nuestra visión es salvar vidas con BikerSOS. ¡Apóyanos en alcanzar esta visión juntos y ayúdanos a compartir BikerSOS! Si usted quiere contactarnos con este fin por favor use el formulario o escríbanos un correo a: